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Do you have:

  • A company car; or
  • A car allowance; or
  • Do you claim an eligible car for work or business?

Then to avoid potential ATO compliance issues with fringe benefits tax (FBT) or logbook requirements keeping track of your journeys and odometer readings is essential.


  • Logit is a FREE phone App;
  • Compatible with  iOS/Android;
  • Uses GPS or manual mode;
  • This app helps you track your journeys in an ATO compliant format;
  • Works for operating cost or statutory formula methods;
  • Can be used with more than 1 car;
  • Better still it is on your phone which makes more sense than trying to keep paper records.


Important technical issues with this app to consider prior to use:

  • It is designed to provide 12 weeks of logbook entries for every 12 week logbook that you do no more no less.
  • Once you add entries in you can only edit the last entry you made and if you try to change odometer readings from earlier entries because you made a mistake it will not allow you to change odometer readings so take care or you'll have to delete all entries and start your logbook again.
  • You can add entries from a past date but you have to know your odometer at that date. So say you only know your end odometer reading and you want to work backwards 12 weeks so you put in the entries with your end odometer and go backwards by making an entry the day before you will get a message 'start odometer value is less than end odometer vale of last trip. Please enter valid value'. It is best to work backwards on spreadsheet or paper to get you start odometer reading and enter into this app to go forward from there.
  • There is no current provision for adding your car receipts such as fuel, services etc.


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