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Here is the book that

can change your life


 "When reason screams NO

and intuition screams YES"

by Vtec Janus

Book Description:

*A miraculous,** **true life story of a man guided by s**upreme faith. Set amidst the chaos of war and invasion, it tells the tale of Stanley's brush with death, and of how a miracle saved him from a terminal illness. At the same time, it is the distillation of his wisdom and a guide for living from the heart. The book is also an adventure story and an eyewitness account of a the time when Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia allied to tear the continent asunder.*

*\When Reason Screams 'NO' and Intuition Screams 'YES'/* will show the reader that miracles are the core and essence of life, that their intuition is the ground from which they spring. By tapping into it, anyone can transform even the most wretched situation. It is a gripping story that will motivate and inspire those who browse its pages.

Above all, this book is about a man's faith and the down to earth wisdom that guided his life. It is a narrative as told to his grandson, the author. The style is unpretentious, conversational, and accessible; the incredible events are as convincing as the man who lived them.

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